Commonwealth Royal Golf Clubs

Royal Golf Balls and Markers

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The sixty-two Commonwealth golf clubs, which at present enjoy royal patronage, represent many of the oldest, most historic and best golf golf clubs around the world. They were formed largely in the days of the British Empire. I have included an extra three, The Curragh, Hong Kong and Singapore Island Clubs, which, for various reasons over the years, have given up their royal status.

Of course I could not possibly travel and play most of these great courses, so, for fun, I collected their logo balls, and then, later, their markers. I have logo balls for all the others, except royals Tarlair and Epping Forest, which do not have them. In the case of markers, I have all except Colombo and Nairobi. Any help to keep me up to date with any of this would be greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks to my good fellow members of Harleyford Golf Club, Marlow, and other kind friends who have produced many of these Royal balls & markers, and hundreds of balls from all over the world. The Royal Clubs abroad and here, from whom I bought balls and especially markers, were most helpful. Also to Dick Austin of Royal Colwood (Canada) for great assistance obtaining markers. The 'Sunley Book of Royal Golf' by Sir Peter Allen is excellent.

Lastly many, many thanks to my old friend, Douglas Steven, who has produced and continues to maintain this site.

David Tracey

01 Adelaide 02 Canberra 03 Fremantle 04 Hobart 05 Melbourne 06 Perth 07 Queensland 08 Sydney (RSGC) 09 Colwood 10 Montreal 11 Ottawa 12 Quebec 13 Regina 14 Guernsey 15 Jersey 16 Hong Kong (RSGC) 17 Ascot 18 Ashdown Forest 19 Birkdale 20 Blackheath 21 Cinque Ports 22 Cromer 23 Eastbourne 24 Epping Forest 25 Household (Windsor) 26 Liverpool 27 Lytham St Annes 28 Mid-Surrey 29 North Devon 30 Norwich 31 St George's (Sandwich) 32 West Norfolk 33 Wimbledon 34 Winchester 35 Worlington & Newmarket 36 Calcutta 37 Belfast (RBGC) 38 County Down 39 Dublin 40 Portrush 41 The Curragh 42 Mayfair 43 Malta 44 Wellington 45 Montrose 46 Duff House 47 Royal and Ancient Society (St Andrews) 48 Aberdeen 49 Burgess Golf Society of Edinburgh 50 Dornoch 51 Musselburgh 52 Perth Golfing Society 53 Tarlair 54 Troon 55 Singapore Island GC (ex Royal) 56 Cape 57 Durban 58 Johannesburg 59 Port Alfred 60 Colombo 61 Porthcawl 62 St David's 63 Harare 64 Nairobi